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Why Sampoorna  ? Don't let opportunities pass you by ! Why should you work through us ?

Why now ?

  • You never know when boredom will set in, or an expected raise or promotion doesn't come through.
  • We'll take the time to meet with you face to face and go far beyond skill assessment. Then, when you are ready to make a move, everything will be ready.
  • Keep yourself informed. You are in one of the most fast-paced, lucrative fields of employment available.

Gives you a distinct advantage

  • We have established relationships with clients, both in India and abroad, who often use us exclusively in filling IT, ITES & Telecom positions
  • We are in daily contact with companies, so we are aware of both current and upcoming positions.
  • We take time to track emerging and growing companies and their opportunities. Many of those aren't advertised, and won't be.
  • We present your abilities and achievements to someone in a position not only to fully appreciate them, but to HIRE you !
  • We work on job opening up to the CEO level, so whatever the stage of your career, we have the right opportunities for you.
  • You won't waste your time giving interviews for positions for which you're not qualified or which won't meet your career goals
  • You receive serious consideration for a position, because we make sure the "right" people know who you are
  • Some clients work exclusively with us, hence you will be informed of job openings which you may not have known about otherwise
  • Our wide selection of clients including multinationals and blue chip Indian companies gives you the choice of the best positions available.
  • We make every effort not just to generate an offer, but to generate the BEST offer, first ! And when the offer is made, we'll make sure that you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision about whether to accept it.
  • All contact & Information is kept in strict confidence, so you can comfortably review your options without risk
  • We are not part of a network which allows others access to your identity/information, your identity will never be shared with anyone except a potential employer, only after taking your permission to do so.
  • Best of all, you pay us nothing at any stage! All our fees are paid by the client company, and most often, they are quite happy to pay them. Most of our clients initiate the search by contacting us.

Do companies that run appointment also work with Sampoorna ?

  • Many companies utilize the Want Ads section and other sources as a COMPLEMENT to external recruiting efforts, not INSTEAD OF them.
  • IF you would like to draw on our expertise, industry awareness, and established client relationships, you need to use care in where you send your resume directly. That's because wherever YOU or someone else on your behalf has already sent a resume, we CANNOT present you for consideration for ANY position for ONE YEAR ! Keep a list of where you or someone else has sent your resume to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and embarrassment.
  • You should also be aware that sending a resume in response to a want ad often prevents us from working with you relative to that company for ONE FULL YEAR. That applies to ALL positions within the company, not simply the one in response to which the resume was sent.
  • What many candidates do is contact us FIRST, to determine if we are working on that particular search for the client or we have any relationship with that client, BEFORE they send a resume. We suggest that you speak with us about specific companies and opportunities prior to sending a resume directly, to avoid a conflict of effort.
  • This doesn't mean that you should rely solely on us. It simply means that you should communicate with us.

Ok , I am Ready to work with Sampoorna, What do I do now?

  • Register on the Sampoorna site through the Login/Register link.
  • Fill in all the fields given in the form and make sure the contact information is filled in correctly
  • Update the form At least once every 6 months
  • Check the available jobs on the Sampoorna site on a regular basis and apply to the jobs you are interested in