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Interview Tips – Appropriate Interview Behavior

  1. Plan to reach the interview venue At least 30 mins before the scheduled interview.
  2. Try to relax. Be yourself.
  3. Have a firm Handshake at the start of the interview.
  4. Show self-confidence
  5. Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer.
  6. Smile.
  7. Remember to listen to the question and answer only that question.
  8. Think before answering questions. Try to make your answers as clear as possible.
  9. Answer questions in a clear and confident voice.
  10. Avoid negative body language – crossing your arms, slouching, covering your mouth, fidgeting while speaking.
  11. Try not to interrupt the interviewer when he/she is talking.
  12. Read the interviewer’s mood. If the interviewer is formal, then you should be formal. If the interviewer is casual, then be slightly for casual while remaining professional.
  13. Be ready to briefly describe your experience, showing how it relates it the job.
  14. During interview time do not talk too much.
  15. Avoid negative comments about past employers.
  16. When given a chance, ask any questions that you have prepared in advance. Asking questions shows the interviewer that you are interested in the job. Your ability to ask straightforward, insightful questions lets the interviewer understand your perspective and concerns, as well as your judgment and analytical ability You can also follow up on anything that the interviewer tells you during the interview.
  17. Find out when the company plans to make a hiring decision.
  18. It is ok to ask about the package on offer and other benefits at the end of the interview.
  19. End the interview with a handshake and thank the interviewer for his/her time.
  20. Review your interview performance immediately after the interview. Think through what went well and where there was scope for improvement. This would help in future interviews. If required you can take the recruitment consultant’s help in reviewing the interview.
  21. After your interview be sure to inform the recruitment consultant. Then the recruitment consultant would be able to follow up on your behalf.