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Why Sampoorna ?  We get results

Largest Talent Pool

  • We actively recruit candidates for your specific opportunity, presenting candidates you would otherwise never know of
  • We maintain an extensive database of competent candidates from which to draw
  • We are in regular contact with our candidates
  • We have established a solid and respected reputation with candidates, so they stay in touch with us, keeping us informed as to their interests and availability
  • Often, the most qualified and best candidates aren't reading the want ads and wouldn't respond to an ad, anyway
  • We spend time with candidates to learn about their goals and aspirations, likes and dislikes, etc.

We enable you to hire the people that you want

  • We actively promote your company over that of your competitors, enhancing your image and appeal
  • We actively promote the opportunity - the challenges & growth
  • The database is extensively automated to enable advanced skill matching
  • We provide you specific information regarding what is of interest to a specific candidate, enabling you to have your offer accepted
  • We also keep you abreast of talented people who are "reviewing their options" and about whom you would otherwise never know
  • We provide you with capable and qualified people, compatible with your technical and cultural environment
  • We attempt to present candidates whose career goals and aspirations can be met within your environment
  • Most candidates we present don't NEED to make a change. They are not moving away from something, but more interested in moving towards something.

Utilizing our Services can actually save your Time and Money

  • Mostly the requirements do not need to be advertised, saving you money spent in advertising
  • Time spent on reading resumes of and interviewing unqualified and undesirable candidates is eliminated
  • The majority of resumes that we provide our clients conform to a standard format clients have found informative and comprehensive.
  • We can identify the best candidates through a national search
  • Interviews with suitable candidates can be set up at 10 days notice in the city of your choice across the country
  • Our professional fee is due only when you hire someone we have presented
  • We have interview rooms at our offices which can be used free of cost by the clients
  • We can give the candidates computerized tests at our offices reducing travel time as well as testing costs


  • We are not just a recruitment agency. Our business is built upon trust and respect in the business place, cultivated over the years by developing relationships with key people in the industry.
  • Our clients confide in us about senior openings quite often even before people in the company know about it
  • Our clients confide in us about their business, clients & employees, since we do not undertake any business, which could result in a conflict of interest with our clients' business interest
  • We provide generalized feedback to our clients, where we find that certain policy changes are resulting in demoralization in the organization
  • We can assist in outplacement necessary due to changing business environment
  • We never charge our candidates

How does the process work

  • Our processes have been certified for ISO 9001:2015 by BVQI India and have been perfected while working with the best of breed organizations
  • Our first step is to understand your business and your true requirements. We can also fix the interview date within a week.
  • Second, we do a computer-based search through the databank. We further scrutinize the resumes of the short listed candidates to identify candidates, who prima facie fit the requirement.
  • Next, we contact each of these candidates, talk to them about the company & opportunity, their interest and availability. Candidates who are positive are confirmed for the prefixed interview date.
  • A day prior to the interview, the client receives the complete list of candidate resumes indicating the interview time.
  • Immediately after the interview we would get the client feedback on the interviews. For candidates who are short listed, we assist at various stages right up to the time the candidate joins your organizations. In case, more candidates are desired, we repeat from step 1 again.

Speed & Volumes

  • We are able to move quickly, quite often filling a position within 1 - 2 weeks.
  • We only place the top candidates, not a very large percentage of available candidates.
  • Quite often the time span between one of these candidates coming into the market and disappearing from the market can be counted in days not weeks. Both the client and Sampoorna Computer People need to move fast in such situations.
  • We have the volume and capacity to accommodate any situation.
  • We are a multi-person, multi-location organizations and can handle multiple positions of varying levels and volumes.
  • We are the largest recruitment partners for an MNC as well as a blue chip Indian IT leader
  • We have filled 100 positions in a month